Construction Camp Registration


If the participant will need take prescription medicine during camp, a note must be provided by a physician.  No acceptions.

Please provide the names of people who will be allowed to pick up your child after camp. Proof of ID will be required at pick up.


I certify that I am a parent and/ or guardian of the youth named on this registration form (“Participant”) and that I give consent without reservation to the following release on behalf of youth. I hereby voluntarily assume all risk of accident , harm or injury to Participant which may arise out of his/her participation, and therefore indemnify, release, defend, hold harmless and forever discharge Associated General Contractors East Tennessee, and any of their employees, contractors, representatives, and other personnel from any and all liability, claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions, and cause of action that may result from participation.

Your $50 payment will be required at registration for admittance to camp.  Credit cards or Venmo will be accepted.  No checks.

Scholarships to cover the fee are available.  To request scholarship information, contact Hannah Barnett at (423) 265-1111.

The camper’s parent or legal guardian must accompany the camper on the first day of camp for registration at 7:30 am.  Guardians will be required to complete necessary waivers at registration.