Location, Contact and Details




Camp will be held at the national award-winning Construction Career Center located at 2225 Roanoke Avenue in Chattanooga, TN.  Most of the camp will take place outdoors weather permitting.


Campers will be supervised by professionals in the commercial construction industry and by teachers at Hamilton County Schools.  Campers will receive safety instructions before every project.  To protect campers, projects have been selected to limit the chance of injury. 

Code of Conduct

We want to have fun in a healthy environment!   If any camper is misbehaving, or disrespectfully, or is in any way increasing the chance of injury to themselves or another camper, they will be immediately removed from the program at the discretion of the BLOC Board.


For protection when working on construction projects, campers must wear long pants and closed toe shoes like sneakers.  Shirts may have short sleeves but tank tops and midriff shirts are not allowed.  No shorts, sandals, or flip flops.  Long hair should be pulled back away from the face.  Campers will be required to wear hard hats and goggles (provided by the camp) when working on projects.

Contact Information

For questions, contact Leslie Gower at (423) 265-1111 or [email protected]